Interior Design Trend: Statement Mirrors

I’ve been stumbling across some beautiful mirrors during my curating and collecting over the past few months. I mean, just check out these beauties:
The truth is we often forget how great mirrors can be as a statement element of design in our homes.   When was the last time you bought a mirror?  Most of my friends tell me they only buy a mirror when they move into a new place that doesn’t have a full-length mirror.  Or they’re renovating a bathroom and have to pick out a new mirror to match the fixtures in the updated space.  But people, let’s just take a minute to appreciate how a statement mirror can really change the dynamics of any space! Here are some gorgeous uses of statement mirrors in designed interiors:

 1. Add a pop of color and light in a small space, like a white powder room:

2. Create a dynamic space by layering a textured statement mirror over a cool patterned wallpaper.

 3. Stick with a matching color but add texture and pattern to keep a monochromatic room from being boring…

4. Break up symmetry and lines with a playfull polka dot mirror like this one!

5.  Add fun shapes in an eclectic space – like a spirograph mirror to mix in between sharp geometric pieces:

6. Use in a nursery as art and a fun way to interact with your new baby amidst all the beautiful family portriats:

Erin Vondra



Enjoy your weekend, and think about ways you can transform a small or awkward space with a statement mirror!   Shoot us your ideas at @Heathertique on Instagram and Facebook!

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