Hello, World! Welcome to our new blog!

Well, folks, it’s official!  Heathertique has blossomed from simply my way of styling my own home on a budget into a fully-fledged, full-time business curating uncommon goods into homes across the world!  The last few years have been absolutely incredible, and with this new chapter unfolding in front of us, I thought it was high time I joined the modern era and carved out a space on my site to share some of my creative process, inspirations, and background information on treasures we find.  So, welcome to my new blog, where I invite you to join the discussion – ask me anything, share your stories, and enjoy the fun ride that home decor, style and design can bring to your life the way it has mine!

I’m going to take this opportunity to back up a bit and really introduce myself. Our social media has been blowing up over the past year, and now that I’m not getting personal face time with every buyer like in the early days, I’ll have to settle for digital introductions.  Don’t worry – we aren’t and never will become a big box store.  The heart of Heathertique is exactly that – heart. Even as we start expanding our staff,  my main focus is personable, friendly customer service.  So, without further adieu….


I’m Heather Sink – woman, mom, entrepreneur, creative spirit, and salvaged goods afficionado.  I started out in the fashion industry as a stylist and buyer and found myself knee-deep in the world of interior design after purchasing my first home. To give my new baby boy plenty of space to run and grow, my family sunk our home budget into a mid-century ranch in Florida (Holy property costs, Batman! No, but we love Florida…but still…)


Now, if there’s anything you should learn about me in this blog, it’s this:

I have quality contemporary taste, sprinkled with touches of global boho and just a hint of funky weird.

And I’m resourceful.  So I hit the streets with practically no budget and scoured the amazing vintage shops and every estate sale I could find.  Whatever treasures I found and didn’t use in my own home, I set up in an Etsy shop, and VOILA!  Heathertique was born as a way to supplement my home design budget!  A few years later, and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response of people like you, reading this blog and loving my treasures.

Some days are fueled by a creative passion…others are fueled by coffee…


So now I call myself a home decor archaeologist: my team curates collections for home decor, vintage furniture and gifts. This blog will be a place for me to share some of the stories I uncover along the way, as well as design ideas for your home, inspiration from other designers, and whatever other fun stuff we want to talk about in between! Join us, and let us help define your atmosphere with character!


Here are a few of my favorite things:

Favorite Quote:  “Collect things you love, that are authentic to your story, and your house becomes your story.” -Erin Flett

Favorite Part of the Job:  Walking into a huge vintage market! What a rush…

Favorite designer: Emily Henderson. I love her mix of contemporary and vintage, geometric lines, and fun with color and texture.

I love designer Emily Henderson. Photo by Zeke Ruelas, from stylebyemilyhenderson.com

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