Dorm Decor Ideas with an Uncommon Twist!

Continuing with our recent theme of Back to School, we’re looking at inspiration for curating an uncommon atmosphere for learning – in your dorm room!

Raise your hand if you remember how awful it was stepping into your first dorm room.  A concrete cell block with cold floors, sterile walls, and sad, sad wooden furniture.   Nowadays, teens are having a ton of fun with sprucing up their dorm rooms into spaces of life, creativity, and – we hope – conducive to learning!   I mean, have you seen some of these viral “luxury” designed dorm rooms that are going viral?


I LOVE the idea of styling your first home-away-from-home with flair and fun.  College is a time for flair and fun, isn’t it?  And focusing on studying is easier when you’re in a comfy environment, so I’ve put my personal flair into creating some college looks. Here are three Heathertique takes on the college dorm room decor. First, a playful girly pink room with colorful art, soft seating ares, and plenty of feminine elegance:


Pink Dorm Set
Second, a more gender-neutral look that rocks the Scandinavian trend that continues to get hotter.   Geometric elements, neutral color palettes, and bits of natural wood elements:
Dorm Decor: Gender Neutral Scandinavian



Last, a room for the vintage and retro-loving hipsters!   An old school wall map that takes me straight back to my elementary school classroom. a cool stool made from a tractor seat. Suitcases that can double as shelving or storage, and a cool acrylic stool for your pals to plop down on between classes.

Vintage dorm decor ideas
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