Black and White Love Affair

We recently got back a few photos from buyers and I noticed a monochromatic home design theme in a few of them: both had black and white color schemes going on in their rooms, and I absolutely love it!

Let me first say that I’m obviously a fan of black and white color schemes, and even more specifically STRIPED ones. I mean, our logo is a zebra for goodness sake!

A  black and white palette in a space brings balance.

Black traps space, while white opens space. Black evokes sophistication; white communicates innocence.”. Consider the yin and the yang – the balance between good and evil, light and dark – elements that are interconnected and interdependent.   Black represents formality and white represents luxury. So a monochromatic theme in your living space can end up creating the ultimately chic design style!

So let’s check out how our buyers have utilized black and white Heathertique products in their spaces:

First we had Adrienne, who ordered a custom bone inlay stool in a black and white chevron pattern. We’ve done one of these before but she asked to make the lines nice and thick, and now I know why!

bone inlay chevron stool

Turns out, the stool matches her curtains PERFECTLY and coordinates with those couch pillows. Those walls – amazeballs.  And I wonder who that little tent is for? So cute! What a great way to create an eclectic chic living space with playful elements to make it also a child-friendly play space!  High five to Adrienne on a beautiful space she’s made.

Love the dual purpose stool / coffee table? Get one of your own over at! Choose from one of our designs or customize one of your very own!



Next we have Lisa, who ordered a black and white striped bone inlay tray.  I had no idea that it was joining a huge collection of black and white elements in Lisa’s home!    Lisa’s Instagram page touts her as obsessed with monochromatic home design, and from this snippet of her account, I think we can all nod in agreement.

So so so chic, don’t you think?  I love the juxtaposition with the colorful flowers, which also add a touch of femininity in a color scheme that can easily sway masculine. I don’t think there’s anything overly-masculine about Lisa’s style, though, do you?  I keep staring at that black and white striped armchair, wondering where I can get one for my own studio!

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If you’re feeling the monochromatic home design love affair, here are some of our other items that might pique your interest!


Send us photos of your Heathertique goods in your home! We love seeing how you style our curated uncommon goods, so shoot us an email with your photos to, tag us on Instagram (@Heathertique) or post it on our Facebook page!  Your photos might end up in our next blog!

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